A small Hotel with a big tradition

Since 1937 the catering trade has been carried out on the “Heinzerhaus”. Together with her husband Mrs Karoline Parzer has transformed the agriculture into a guest house. Due to her famous and good cuisine it was possible for her to bring more and more people to Kirchdorf. After the war the couple started extending the guest rooms step by step. Unfortunately her husband died in 1952 and so she had to lead the company on her own. Her three children helped her managing the difficult job since they were children. As time went on she succeeded in winning more and more guests.

Dependent on her serious disease Mrs Parzer handed over the company to her daughter Gertraud Weixlbaumer in 1970. So a new generation took over the guest house “Schwarzer Bär” in May 1970 and had to adapt it to the modern requirements. Unfortunately not only Mrs Parzer, but also Mrs Weixlbaumer died in 1974. The company had to be continued by the husband Wolfgang Weixlbaumer who went on investing in the guest house and converted it to a hotel.
Since 1977 Wolfgang Weixlbaumer and his wife Monika have made the hotel to a very famous house. Not only the rooms, but also the “Zirbenstube”, the “Florianistube” and the club room have been frequented by many guests and have also been used for many family events.

In 1994 the sons Christian and Wolfgang took over the management as well as the direction of their father and so granted the continued existence of the „Schwarzer Bär“. After the son Wolfgang had become chef, the hotel was rearranged on 6th June 1996 and was now called “Hotel Garni”. The restaurant was given up completely.

Since this moment Christian and his wife Erika have been leading the family business. They constantly trie to make improvements in the house and particularly in the guest rooms. Especially the many satisfied habitués motivate them to carry out this traditional house also in the future.

On 1st January 2002 Erika Weixlbaumer took over the company and wants to continue the tradition. Between 16th December and 25th January 2005 nearly 100.000,- € have been invested into the modernisation of the guest rooms. The complete rooms, which means the sanitary facilities, the furniture as well as the carpets and the paintings have been renewed. An Internet connection was installed in all the rooms and so the “Hotel Garni” was able to confirm its leading role round Kirchdorf.

The company is still managed with much love and adjusted to its guests. The sincerity of Erika Weixlbaumer is noticeable inside the whole house, that’s why the habitués are becoming more and more.